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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Keep almond remains and place on a cookie sheet and place in oven with low temp under one hour. Use as an almond meal. If you have a dehydrator place on 95 degrees until dry.

By far, the best almond milk I have made yet. If you only use 1 cup of soaked almonds, you need to use less water or the max of 40 oz in the blender for it will have a watery taste. Lecithin is a wonderful binder (plus 30% brain is made of its nutrients) between water and the nutrients to keep them in solution. Just shake before you use the milk. Soaking almonds needs to be at least 12 hours with occasional changing out the water. I would highly recommend using a vanilla bean which you can purchase from San Francisco herb company for a reasonable cost. The honey is optional but highly recommended for sweetness. The date gives a rich texture and an intense flavor and blends well with the honey. Strain through a nut bag and store in sealed Mason jars for freshness and it should make two 32oz with the use of 64oz blender.

Furthermore, you can use any nut in the place of almonds: like cashews, rice, hazelnuts, pumpkin, sunflower seeds, if the cost of almonds is too much. If you search through Google for Raw Unpasteurized Organic Almonds, you will find some companies in California direct from the farms. If you allow three days for the germination of Almonds, you will make sprouted almond milk.

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